Friday, December 23, 2011

Santa Hat Cupcakes

If you think Santa is sick of cookies, you may want to leave him one of these cupcakes, instead.

Simply use your favorite cupcake recipe, and whip up a batch of your favorite frosting.  Save a small portion of the frosting, then color the rest red.  Use a large piping tip (I used Ateco 807) to pipe the hat, and a small star tip (Wilton 18) for the final touches.


itisme said...

hello there please can you help me. i live in the UK and i am a cupcake maker also. i can not for the life of me ever get my buttercream to colour a deep enough red or blue or green for that matter. please can you email me (as i might miss it if you reply here) as to how you get your lovely santa cupcakes so red without getting an awful food colouring taste?? i'd really appreciate it. my email address is best wishes xx

itisme said...

please dont email the blogger email address as its my husbands. thank you :)

Dana said...

Hi Sally,

The deep red color is best achieved using Wilton's "no taste" red gel food coloring. Alternately, I've heard that Americolor's Tulip Red Gel color also works well for a deep red. You'll want to avoid using a liquid food coloring, as you'll need to use a large amount, which will lead to the bad taste.